Local pediatrician honored for lifetime of humanitarian work

Read a The Daily News story about 23' Club member Phyllis Cavens being honored for her work.

'23 Club Historian Bill Kasch -Longview resident 'a tireless worker for the city'

See an article about Bill Kasch and his unending work for Longview. The Daily News article.


Each October at the ’23 Club dinner meeting, a eulogy is given to honor those members who passed away during the previous year. See this year's list of members who have passed away.

Letter from your current president regarding the 2017 Annual Meeting/Dinner with a theme of "Growing Up in the 50's Longview."

Passing the gavel

Maila and Cal

On October 3, 2016 outgoing president, Jackie Evans passed the gavel to our new president, Carolyn Caines.

Distinguished Service Award

President Jackie Evans presents the Distinguished Service Award to Calvin Fowler at the annual dinner and meeting on October 3, 2016


'23 Club at the 4th of 2016 July Parade (see front page for 2017)

  • Ready for the 4th of July Parade
  • Cal Fowler checking the truck
  • Jeff Wilson's #23
  • Here we come!
  • ..she'll be coming around the bend when she comes..
  • Kids love the candy
  • responsive carousel
  • See you next year!
Ready for the 4th of July Parade1 2 3 4 5 6 Cal Fowler checking the truck7 8 Jeff Wilson's #239 10 11 Here we come!12 ..she'll be coming around the bend when she comes..13 14 15 16 Kids love the candy17 '67 J.H. Kelly truck and candy tossers!18 See you next year!19
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Programs from some of the past dinners

The 23 Club organizes in 1933

Read the article