In Memoriam

Each October at the ’23 Club dinner meeting, a eulogy is given to honor those members who passed away during the previous year. Dr. James Conrod gave the tribute this time, which was especially poignant with the passing of the Dr. Harlan Gilliland. Harlan and his wife Shirley had not missed a dinner in over 25 years until this past year, and as the pastor at the Longview Community Church, he had given the eulogy for many of those years.

The names listed here are those members we lost during our 2015-2016 year. They are members and friends whom we will miss seeing around the table at our dinners.

Julia Stearns Ruth Thompson
Hazel Weatherford Dr. Dennis Davenport
Rosemary Dahl Johnni Slater
Mrs. Jean Donner Mary Louise Quoidbach
Eugenia Kvinsland Harlan Gilliland
Lyle Mack Roseline Keller
Charles Byers Agnes Staggs
Tom Anderson Nell Tolleshaug
Melvin Bailey Holly Bishop
Rob Quoidbach Wallly Whitted
Pat Stankevich Scott Witt