Each year on the first Monday in October, the Longview ’23 Club hosts a dinner and get-together. The 2016 dinner was held on Monday, October 3rd at the St. Rose Parish Center.

Each fall our main program for the evening features different historical perspectives on our city’s history. The program for 2016 was "A 1923 Business from Glasgow, Scotland to Longview, Washington." In 2015 we had a video presentation of Longview Schools’ first 75 years. In 2014 we had an informative and lively review of the Finnish Settlers presented by Maila Cadd and Carolyn Caines. The previous year Dennis Weber and Karen Dennis brought us a new book about Longview, in the Images of America series, with photos of early Longview and its citizens. Previous topics have also included the Historic Longview Community Church, Old Westside Homes Then and Now, Longview’s Historic Autumn Splendor, and R.A. Long’s Dreams.

Annual Dues are $4/person or $6/family

A Special Thank You

 The annual '23 Club dinner meeting was held on October 3, 2016 at St. Rose Parish Center. This was a new venue for our annual dinner because we outgrew Longview Community Church. Members enjoyed a wonderful evening socializing with each other and enjoying the food, displays, and program. We had almost 200 attend. The Knights of Columbus—Dan McGoughan, Ray Paul, Jim Senn and their assistants organized the delicious dinner.  We want to thank the Knights of Columbus and the St. Rose Youth Groups & Middle Schoolers organized by Jenny Isaacson & Joe Buttle for being our servers. They did a fantastic job. We’d also like to thank Tim Graunitz, St. Rose Facilities Supervisor and Cathy Farley, St. Rose Administrative Assistant. For all their help in planning this event. Jackie Kelly Evans and Carolyn Caines hosted the social hours, and Chef Hayden Evans prepared our tasty hors d’oeuvres. Jeff Wilson showed his silent video of early Longview. Helene Watson had the display from the R A Long Archive room and Bill Kasch had the ’23 Club Historical Display during his this time. Bagpiper David Stredwick played the bagpipes as people entered the parish center. A special thanks to Mason Evans for the interesting program” A 1923 Business: J.H. Kelly from Glasgow, Scotland to Longview, WA.  Also our thanks to Angela Wegener and Kevin Farley for their technical assistance and photo displays.

We want to thank the following for being gracious table hosts and hostesses –Carrie & Kelly Beckwith, Jim & Maila Cadd, Bob Gaston, Dorothy Gevers-Wojtowich, Pam & Reed Hadley, Rose Janke & John Janke, Barb & Greg Myklebust, Laura Holland & Bill Noteboom, Roger & Elsie Peters, Brian & Jane Price, Warren & Anna Jeanne Morris, Jack & Eleanor Shumaker, Mike & Barbara Sudar, Ruby West, Jeff & Trish Wilson, Shirley Gilliland, Skip & Gail Mezger, Cal & Matt Fowler, Barry  & Leslie Dahl, Julie Rinard & Janet Cole, Ramona Leber, CJ & Sue Nickerson, Dorothy Hanson & Judy Bain, Don & Dawn Wiitala, Jean Davolt, Carolyn Feasey Kirkpatrick, & Karen Dennis. Many thanks also go to Barry Dahl for the flag salute, Father Bryan Ochs, Pastor of St. Rose for the invocation and Dr. James Conrod for the eulogy. Our beautiful centerpieces were donated and arranged by Laura Holland and Bill Noteboom. We want to congratulate Calvin Fowler for the 2016 Distinguished Citizen Award for his leadership and enthusiasm as the organizer of our inaugural entry in the 4th of July Parade as well as service to the club and also to Bill Kasch for his many years of being the historian for the ’23 Club.

Always we are appreciative of our sponsors and contributors: Columbia Auto Group0, John & Mary Chilson, Elam’s Home Furnishings, Weatherguard, J.H. Kelly, The Columbia River Reader, The Bugler, The Daily News, BiCoastal Media & KLOG/KUKN/TheWave radio stations.