The purpose of the ’23 Club is to honor the memory of those who planned and built the City of Longview as a social, spiritual, cultural, and economic center for local residents.

Originally a social organization for lineal descendants of the founders of Longview, the ’23 Club is now open to all who share a love for the City, its beauty and history.  

On the first Monday of October we hold our annual dinner and get together.

Memories of the 50's in Longview book

Everyone “of a certain age” has some fond memories of the 50’s in Longview. Next year we will put together a paperback book published and for sale at the dinner meeting. I hope to include many of your photos and written submissions. See details….deadline for submission is  May 1, 2017.


Latest newsletter that has information about the upcoming 4th of July Parade and the Memories of the 50's book. See newsletter

2016 Dinner



  • The program tonight?  J.H. Kelly
  • Jeff Wilson’s ‘23’ train – we’ve seen in in the parade
  • Greeted by David Stredwick and his bagpipe
  • Welcome to the '23 Club Dinner
  • Pick up  your name tag from Emma Gregg
  • Display of our events this past year
  • More displays inside the main hall
  • Displays of J.H. Kelly historical documents
  • R. A. Long High school historical items
  • President Jackie Evans greets guests
  • A time to socialize
  • More guests enjoying the evening
  • Past President Maila Cadd greets guests
  • Hors d'oeuvres provided by Chef Hayden Evans
  • The bagpipe calls the event to order
  • '23 Club President Jackie Evans welcomes the guests
  • St. Rose Pastor Father Ochs welcomes and offers the invocation
  • St. Rose students ready to serve the meal
  • Table service begins
  • Dinner is served
  • Head table
  • Head table
  • Time to eat
  • ...and enjoy great company
  • Dr. James Conrad gives the eulogy
  • Secretary Beth Wills reports on ’23 Club business items
  • Bill Kasch is honored for his contributions as Historian
  • Arlene Hubble gives a special report
  • Some of the past presidents in attendance
  • President Jackie Kelly Evans introduces the J.H. Kelly program
  • Jackie and her son Mason present the program
  • J.H. Kelly President, Mason Evans
  • 2016 Distinguished Citizen Award to Calvin Fowler
  • President Evans introduces our next president, Carolyn Caines
  • 2016-17  President Carolyn Caines introduces her program for next year
  • Passing of the gavel
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  • Maila Cadd leads the audience with Auld Lang Syne
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The 2016 Dinner and business meeting was held at St. Rose on October 3, 2016. The program was "1923 Business: From Glascow, Scotland to Longview, Washington" which was an informative presentation on the only family owned business in Longview started in 1923 that is still in business. The 2016 Distinguished Citizen Award went to Calvin Fowler (President 2014-2015) for his contributions to the community and promotion of the '23 Club. Watch this website for more pictures of the dinner.

'23 Club in the 4th of July Parade

'23 Club members decked out in the new Longview 23 Club shirts were very visible towards the front of the 2016 Longview 4th of July Parade. See more pictures.....

23 members of the '23 Club featured in The Daily News

The Daily News ran a series focusing on some members of the '23 Club. See who they are...

New to Longview or want to know more about the city? 

Visit the City of Longview website.


Check out the online version of the scrapbook pages from 1999 through 2016. You may find the original scrapbook at the Longview Public Library in the Longview Room which is open on Wednesdays from 3 to 5 PM. The images are of better quality in the original scrapbook. Special thanks to '23 Club Historians Dr. Travis Cavens (1999-2011) and Bill Kasch (2012-2016) whose work made this scrapbook possible.